What’s In a Name?

As it turns out a lot! Remembering a person’s name is particularly important when garnering new business. When you remember a person’s name after a brief meeting it sends a message that the interaction was important to you.  This skill can make others feel valued and can open many doors to new connections.

Some people may have the gift of remembering names, for others it’s more of a learned skill. Every introduction is an opportunity to practice recognizing faces and as you improve others will perceive you as a valuable connector in business.

Repetition helps your brain form connections that is necessary to retain information. Repeat names often throughout the exchange. Make sure to refer to the person’s name upon greeting as well as repeating the name as parting.

Make a visual connection with a person’s name with something memorable in your world. Make mental associations.

Study names in print. When someone is wearing a nametag at a meeting create a face to face association. As soon as you receive a business card make sure to glance at the name and say “Thank You John.”

If a new acquaintance has a name that is difficult to pronounce by all means simply ask him or her to repeat their name. They say it to yourself again for verification. This extra effort will speak to your attention to detail and gain clarity.

If you forgot a name. Address it head on. If you absolutely cannot remember a name, try to offer any information that you can remember, such as where the two of you may have met. You can use the alternative and shake hands and introduce yourself first. Most likely your contact will follow your lead and introduce themselves.

If you think you know someone’s name, but are unsure, venture a guess. ”John, right?’ Or you could just simply apologize and say, “I’m sorry, I’m a little forgetful at the moment. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone at one time or another.


Christine Fiorenza – Debi Surmanek

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