Using Social Media to Widen your Sphere of Influence

Marketers are looking to build relationships with clients are rapidly noticing the benefits of social media. The traditional business to business buying cycle has changed beyond recognition. More job functions, more people and more territories now need to be influenced over a longer period of time. Expectations, triggers and needs have changed greatly.

Marketers can no longer market solely to their direct targets. They must step into the shoes of buyers and understand their sphere of influence.

Social media affords marketers an opportunity to earn access to audiences over an extended period of time via using content, commentary and insight to build a following.

To get this right you need to invest in social management, editorial and analysis to ensure that your threads are relevant and thought provoking. This requires sellers to understand different points of influence and build a timely, meaningful narrative that positions your company the right way and the right time.

A content driven social media strategy can support your positioning and help you target clients grow their own expertise and knowledge. A better understanding will predispose buyers to your services and brand.

To obtain social media success you must engage and educate your clients, create a buzz, create meaningful content and most of all stay on top of your game.


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