Trade Show Display Ideas

Need an edge? Want to draw visitors to your table at a trade show? If you answered yes to these two
questions here are a few innovative trade show tips.

Use the latest technology to appeal to visitors attending the trade show. Make sure that the technology
is specific to your industry. This edgy appeal will put your business above your competitors. Use only
technology that is relevant and will appeal to your displays.

Make sure to include hands on demonstrations at your booth. Visitors will flock to a good
demonstration. People are curious and will come over to see what’s going on. You can show your
products or showcase your services as well as provide entertainment. Trade show demonstrations will
increase interest in your business.

Food will appealing aromas will also attract visitors. Food is becoming more and more popular at trade
shows. Some great examples of what can attract visitors to your booths are popcorn machines, coffee
machines, chocolate and cotton candy machines. These appealing smells will attract visitors to your

Drawings and contests for a free product is another effective way to gain visitors. Contests and prize
drawings are still the top attraction at a trade show. The flexibility of the prize selection means that any
type of business will be successful in attracting visitors to their drawing. Give people the opportunity to
line up for a chance to win.

Use digital photography for a dramatic visual impact. Using digital photography can help you to add
dramatic visual impact that will bring many visitors to your booth. It is simple to take photos and edit
them right at your booth. Make sure to obtain graphics that work well with your image.

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