The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Small Businesses

Most small businesses today ponder the idea of a social media strategy should we or shouldn’t we? The answer is yes! The process of setting up an effective social media strategy is not so simple.  It’s not just about starting a Facebook page or joining Linked in. It is about having clear goals and sending out the right message for your business.

Don’t sell or market on Facebook. Facebook is not your store window. It should be a place to showcase your business, your employee’s passions, inspirations, show gratitude to your customers and possibly educate them. Don’t worry about negative comments from your community however, monitor and manage them in an effective manner. I know you might be tempted to delete these posts but, remember you are asking your customers questions. Respond and show that you really do want to engage.  Most importantly respond as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that you are competing with the worlds newsfeeds so be original. Make sure that your posts fit the environment and stand out amongst your competitors in an interesting fashion. Reward your Facebook followers via taking the time and effort to like comments they have posted on your business page. Think of it as a customer loyalty program and run exclusive offers and competitions on your page.

Most importantly think about how you’d respond to people in a social setting and try to respond in a similar vein on all your social media networks. Decide your social media strategy and what it is intended to achieve and keep your focus on that. Think about how your business is going to appear. Is your business predicable? Unpredictable? Once you have decided on what your long term goals are and what your company needs to achieve- JUMP IN! Remember, when you respond you are talking to the world at large. You never know who is reading your newsfeeds.



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