Naming Your Business

Why is the right name choice so important? The right name differentiates a new business from its competitors. The right name helps brand build and to spark an emotional connection with its customers. Naming your business is the first and most significant decision for a startup. Choosing a name that is difficult to spell, pronounce or is too close to a competitor could have major detrimental effects on your brand and SEO.

A good name has layers of meaning and association and will evoke association. You can choose a name that is fun to say as people will repeat it time and time again. Your business name has to be different for a good reason. Most of all consumers will need to be able to spell and pronounce your company. A name that is impossible to spell will make it impossible for customers to find your company.

Some businesses will rule out certain good names because of their dictionary definitions. Just to let you know- no one cares about the official definition. A good company name will demonstrate exactly what your business is all about. Remember, you are not naming a company, you’re naming its positioning.


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