Move from Marketing Planning into Marketing Action

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of successful marketing strategies at your fingertips? Imagine that
this list would have everything from low cost lead generation, free market research, event planning
ideas and other ways to make sales soar. Some business owners want to jump right in and begin selling
while others want to put together the perfect strategic marketing plan. While it is absolutely necessary
to create a strategic marketing plan I do suggest that you put your plan into action. The market and
potential customers will not wait for you.
Know the difference between your clients’ needs and wants. Understand your target audience and their
Implement a strategic plan of action.
Make sure that everyone in marketing is part of the sales process.
Be certain that your business model will convert your product, idea or service to revenue.
Offer significant added value in addition to demonstrating the benefits that your product has.
Prove that buying from you includes undeniable advantages.
The end game goal is to drive up revenue.
If you wait until you have all the information you need something can and will happen. The market and
your competitor’s will pass you. Keep it moving forward.
At this point you have developed a business model and have a focused market vision. You do not need
a checklist of marketing strategies. Just have one or two marketing strategies that you plan to keep in
action. It’s easy to convince ourselves that our products or services need a little more of this and that
otherwise your target market will not buy because it’s not perfect. Move forward- uncertainty and
indecision do not equal successful business strategies.

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