Mobile Market Advertising


Mobile marketing is a new advertising vehicle. Marketers are just now exploring the best ways to market their clients’ goods and services to the millions of people that use cell phones each day. Smart phones represent the fastest growing segment of the mobile telecommunication industry. Most cell phones are equipped with GPS signals and connect to the internet at moderately high speeds making cell phones a prime target for marketers.

There are a few key trends that are starting to show up when it comes to mobile marketing such as search engine marketing, local check – in apps, In- app advertising and opt- in notifications.

When you search for information on your Android phone, you are likely to see relevant text ads. You can actually set up your campaign to be completely targeted by mobile users. By setting aside a separate budget for mobile advertising, you can see how your campaign will perform over time.

Local check- in apps offer the ability for your clients to “check-in” when they visit your establishment. By encouraging your clients to “check- in”, you have the ability to spread word of mouth advertising for your company using their respective social networks.

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