Ferry Ads

FERRYADWhen it comes to out of home advertising, the more dwell time the better, as it means a greater chance that an ad will be noticed.
High dwell time is the biggest draw to advertising on ferry boats, where advertisers can reach commuters and tourists on rides that last 25 minutes each way.  The Ferry is a truly captive audience that reaches commuters on a regular basis, without any distractions of work or daily chores.  Ads are placed at entrance and exits, as well as throughout the Ferries in areas planned for maximum exposure for your brand.
High speed wi-fi the Ferry offers the ability surf the web, shop and even binge watch their favorite programs.  With the addition of a WIFI campaign each smart phone (or Kiosks) that logs in for the Free High Speed service will see your campaign in action with a 6 second spot that can lead to your web page, video or ad design.
While in the Terminal (on either side of the Harbor) restaurants, bars, shopping and even a farmers market draw crowds to this destination spot.  Tourists made the Ferry terminal a top NYC attraction with breathtaking views of NY Harbor, Lady Liberty and the NYC Skyline.  For commuters average wait time is 15 minutes, for tourists and those visiting our venue wait time is as long as you want, open 24 hours endless entertainment at the terminal.
In the terminals 10 x 24, and 12 x 28 ft  ft Digital Signage offers video campaigns, while static campaigns in assorted sizes includes the largest Wallscapes serving the Wall-street/Financial district.
Not only will you see some fantastic ad campaigns but you will also see “Views from the Deck” photos for daily commuters that made the commute from their smart phones and camera to the big screen. Contact us for your complete ad package that includes ad design, placement and printing at 718.356.2867.
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