Effective Marketing Strategies

First and foremost make sure that everything that your client sees is clean, crisp and professional.
This stress free presentation must include your storefront, merchandise, printed materials and your
Practice being nice to everyone so that it becomes second nature to you and your staff. Remember, not
everyone is going to buy but, you should remain polite, professional and helpful at all times. You must
exist to serve.
Stand for something and differentiate yourself and your services from your competition. Why should
your customer buy from you? You must create value.
If you are not passionate about what you do then your chances of being successful are greatly
diminished. Show that you care.
Find out what your customers want and give it to them. In other words ask- don’t tell.
Variety is the spice of life and that includes sales and marketing. Try different marketing and advertising
tools and stay with the marketing and advertising tools that are successful for your business. Stick with
what works.
Keep an open mind and always be prepared to try something new. Staying stagnant and close minded
will diminish your company’s success.
Try something different just because you can. Be that extraordinary company.
Let the personal touch come through in your business. Customers appreciate the realism, honesty and
Always think about putting yourself in the customers shoes and putting your heart and mind into what
you do.

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