A strong brand identity is formed when a company blends its differentiation with relevance. Brand differentiation is the ability for a brand to stand apart from its competitors.  A brand should be as unique as possible. A brand is built and maintained via offering a set of differentiating promises to consumers and delivering those promises to the consumers as leverage value.  Relevance is the perceived importance of the brand to a large market.
Uncovering your brand’s differentiation and relevance through an unbiased brand analysis is of utmost importance when trying to distinguish your brand from competitors. It is important to uncover your brand features that consumers can
relate to.
Investing in a strong brand identity is an ongoing process. In today’s economy building a strong brand identity is a work in process. You must stay on you’re a game to maximize financial effectiveness.

Financial Benefits to Brand Identity

Brand identity represents how a company wants to be perceived in the market, what the company stands for, and most importantly implies promise to the company’s clients.  Building a strong brand is of great value to the organization’s financial performance.
A strong brand identity commands a premium price. Why would someone spend thousands of dollars more for a premium brand luxury automobile than an economy car brand? The value proposition is wrapped around the brand. Luxury brands are worth more in the minds of consumers regardless of whether the product actually functions better.
A price premium creates the perception of quality. Consumers still pay more for what they perceive to be a better or higher quality brand.
Customers relate value with quality.  If one brand is perceived to be of higher quality than the other brand, customers tend to perceive that the higher quality brand is a better value.
Perceived quality is the single most important contributor to a company’s return on investment. Perceived quality contributes to profitability in part via enhancing market share and prices.
Smart companies are always looking for ways to differentiate their brand from competing offers. In doing so, companies can charge a premium price for their strong brand.

Advantages of Transit Marketing

Where can you advertise when you want to reach everyone? Would you like to catch the attention of commuters? If you answered yes to the above questions transit advertising is the way to go. Placement of print ads on buses is an important medium for reaching audiences of all ages, incomes and backgrounds. Remember, you are not just reaching riders with these moving ads you are reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students, seniors and tourists.

Why would you use Transit Advertising?

You can’t click it off

You can’t ignore it

It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio station they are listening to

It is an exclusive space

Flexibility of ad size and location

It cannot be turned off like a television

Innovative large designs are attention grabbers


Bus ads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can chose to be on the exterior or interior of the bus. For more information on how you promote your business via transit advertising within the five boroughs contact Ivy Branding and Marketing Group 718-448-4880 for details.

A winning strategy

At Ivy Branding and Marketing Group we utilize goals, strategy and structure when we are creating a branding and marketing plan for our clients. A winning strategy with a structure to support long term goals is a necessity. We define business goals, we articulate value and most of all we utilize significant subject matter to brand your business.

Christine Fiorenza
Director of Sales and Marketing
Debra Surmanek
Creative Director

The Power of 24/7 Advertising

Did you know that an effective email marketing campaign is a great tool to promote your products
and services? When a customer orders a product from your website, you should always obtain their
email addresses, and then follow up with an email. This email should let your customers know that you
appreciate their business and/ or purchase but, it should also ask for a review of the product purchased
or a testimonial.

The next step is to send them another email regarding other products or services that you are now
offering. Make the advertisement appeal to the client via utilizing a product or service that is related to
a past purchase or service. Make sure to handle customer inquiries promptly and encourage them to
contact your company at any time. Accessibility equals profitability.

Create a newsletter and develop an email list for mass marketing. Helpful newsletters can be written
quickly. Make sure that the newsletter targets the masses. It’s very important to write about topics
that catch your target audience’s interest. Include news of interest or just information about special
promotions that you might be running.

Know your targeted niche market and adapt techniques quickly and efficiently. Certain types of people
will flock to your goods and services if you advertise them on social networks such a Facebook or other
social networks. You will be able to access your customers’ habits in email use, web browsing and social
networks by asking them to complete surveys.

Implement survey results by tracking how well your clients and responding to the different methods in
your marketing strategy. It is vital that you do not solely focus on your customers, you must focus on
your products and services as well.

Getting clients to add you on Facebook to buy your services is a less effective marketing strategy.
Professional email blasts are more effective. Determine what works and what doesn’t work by analyzing
feedback. Social media is a MUST!

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The Power of Marketing


This is a brilliant testament to the power of marketing. Most small businesses don’t have large advertising budgets to promote their products or services. Gary Dahl, a marketing executive from California convinced people to purchase the “Pet Rock”. The “Pet Rock” was in the forefront of the country’s attention. Everyone knew what the “Pet Rock” was. Dahl used an effective marketing tactic that created a buzz and huge demand. Let  create a buzz for your business.


Christine Fiorenza
Director of Sales and Marketing
Debra Surmanek
Creative Director

Sales and marketing


mustA transitional marketing approach takes up all of your time, energy and money and all you receive for your efforts is a one- time transaction. The client is choosing you for price or convenience. There is no connection/ no relationship. Relational Marketing is the better approach. With a Relational Marketing approach you utilize your time, money and energy most efficiently. Building relationships with your clients will afford you a current future payout and a steady income. At we build business relationships.

Christine Fiorenza
Director of Sales and Marketing
Debra Surmanek
Creative Director


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