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Most business owner’s first inclination is often to cut the marketing budget when sales slump due to a slow economy.

Become an expert and submit articles related to your business to the local newspaper, professional organization newsletters and trade journals. Choose a topic that reflects your business and make sure to include your company name within the article for example- Ivy Branding and Marketing Group “Watch us make your business grow”. Whenever your article gets published make copies and send them to all your current and potential clients. Become a great public speaker, presenter or workshop leader for professional conferences. Research the contact names at your local Chamber of Commerce and utilize the list as a way to meet potential customers. When you get the opportunity to market, brand or advertise your business make sure to collect guest business cards for a prize related to your business.

Reward your referrals with free merchandise or services that turn any lead into new business.For example since we are a full service Advertising, Marketing and Branding Company we could offer a percentage off the client’s order. Make the most of free advertising and free public relations. Be sure to send a press release or simple email to local newspapers.

Make sure to give back. Sponsoring a charitable event, donate promotional materials and time. Contact the press before and after the event to get your name out there. Most charitable events will create some sort of flyer, brochure, signage, ticket, postcard and advertising campaign in which your company name and logo will appear in the advertisements.

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Thursday, May 14th
The Historic Old Bermuda Inn
12 Noon start time
Free seminar and lunch to seniors. RSVP to 718-356-2867
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