Advertising Strategies

Which ad strategy is best for your company? The key to advertising is finding an advertising channel that
best fits your company’s profile and industry and then using it for the biggest bang for your advertising
dollars. At the end of the day it is not about how much you spent on advertising, or how many people
viewed your ad it is about how many clients you bring into your establishment. No advertising strategy is
foolproof. There is always going to be some initial trial and error before you figure out what advertising
strategy works best for your company. You will get better results and waste less marketing dollars if you
take the time and do your homework.

Print advertising can still be a great way to target a specific niche market. No media outlet reaches
more people than television. While broadcast advertising is very popular amongst advertisers it is
difficult to track your company’s ROI. If a general demographic is what you need then television can
be a great advertising tool. Direct TV is better for small business owners. Both broadcast and cable
television networks offer direct response commercials at a fraction of the cost of the traditional spots.
If you are looking to reach a targeted demographic while people are commuting to and from work there
is nothing like radio commercials. Radio often includes on air introductions, contests and giveaways.

Directory advertising may be old school but, if you are in the service business directories are the most
affordable way to advertise your small business. Outdoor advertising such as billboards, subways, trains,
ferries, airports, malls and bus shelters work wonders for restaurants, jewelry stores, dentists, lawyers,
trade schools and franchise businesses. Internet advertising is an easy way to measure and track site
information and click- through.

Whether you choose an online, broadcast, print, directory advertising campaign, it pays to do your
homework before investing advertising dollars into any campaign. A little planning will ensure that you
will know exactly how your advertising dollars will be spent and if it fact is it effective in your industry.


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