Your Business’ Network Potential

Reputation management is critical to your personal brand. For business your email address needs to be a professional email address and not an amateur address. Clients and business associates may not perceive you and/ or your company as a serious business.

Free email service is not suitable for business. If you are using any of the free email services, it is suggested that you make a switch that is suitable for your business. If you have a website it is very easy to set up an email address with that domain. Doing so will bring a much needed level of credibility to your business.

There are all kinds of powerful tools to create professional email signatures. It is a great idea to list your name, title, contact information and logo in your signature. What would not make a good presentation would be a large font, blue type, giant logo and a sales pitch in your signature. You want to make a good impression and keep it professional.

Now that you have cleaned up your email and your email is coming from a real company domain it’s now time to address your website. Anyone that you are hoping to do business with at some point will click through your website. WordPress has thousands of quality templates available at low or no cost.

People can now Google you and can get a lot more information about you and your company. If what they are looking up doesn’t give them the right impression, you’re not likely to make the connection you want.

Start by searching your name and sifting through the results. If you have any negative presence it may be worth hiring a reputation management firm to clean it up. Its takes a lot of time and is quite costly but, it can be worth it.

Social media presence may be unimpressive. Potential connections are bound to come across your social media pages. Do not post photographs that show you or your company in a negative way.

Remember, any one of these online faux pas might change a persons’ perception of you. To maximize the impression when you network online make sure that are all in check.


Christine Fiorenza and Debi Surmanek

Partners at Ivy Branding and Marketing Group


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