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Transit Advertising in New York

Where can you advertise when you want to reach everyone? Would you like to catch the attention of commuters? If you answered yes to the above questions transit advertising is the way to go. Placement of print ads on buses is an important medium for reaching audiences of all ages, incomes and backgrounds. Remember, you are not just reaching riders with these moving ads you are reaching families and professionals in their vehicles, students, seniors and tourists. Ferry Ads are another great option. Attract your customers while they are enjoying their commute as well as traveling through the Ferry terminals. How about static ads at Bus Shelters and News Stands? Print or digital advertising that promotes your message 24/7.

Why would you use Transit Advertising?

 You can’t click it off
 You can’t ignore it
 It’s in plain sight
 It reaches drivers and passengers no matter what radio station they are listening to
 It is an exclusive space
 Flexibility of ad size and location
 It cannot be turned off like a television
 Innovative large designs are attention grabbers
 The ability to change ads often digitally

Bus ads, bus shelter ads, News Stands and Ferry Ads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose many different options such as print or digital. For more information on how you promote your business via transit advertising within the five boroughs contact Ivy Branding and Marketing Group 718.356.2867 for details.

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