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Social Media Policy


There is an emerging trend where companies are thinking more creatively about their social- media policies and are encouraging their staff to think smartly about how they present themselves as individuals online and in the real world. It definitely makes sense to encourage people to proactively look after their online reputation. If everyone in your company has a buttoned up personal brand then it will have a positive impact on your business.

Personal branding strategies will go a long way to enhancing your company’s image. Influence your executive team to lead by example and create an authentic persona. Positively suggest to your team to talk about themselves, your brand and the industry. Your team will feel confident about using social platforms to discuss your brand. There will be some naturals that engage with current or potential clients easily. Find out how they built their digital profiles and recognize them as go- to experts in their field. Tap into public speaking, writing courses and workshops that will enable your staff maximize the impact their words. Any edge your team has as individuals will help them outshine the competition. Suggesting to employees that they learn to market themselves better is a fantastic untapped opportunity to use personal branding strategies to craft great stories that positively reflects on your company.

Move from Marketing Planning into Marketing Action

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of successful marketing strategies at your fingertips? Imagine that
this list would have everything from low cost lead generation, free market research, event planning
ideas and other ways to make sales soar. Some business owners want to jump right in and begin selling
while others want to put together the perfect strategic marketing plan. While it is absolutely necessary
to create a strategic marketing plan I do suggest that you put your plan into action. The market and
potential customers will not wait for you.
Know the difference between your clients’ needs and wants. Understand your target audience and their
Implement a strategic plan of action.
Make sure that everyone in marketing is part of the sales process.
Be certain that your business model will convert your product, idea or service to revenue.
Offer significant added value in addition to demonstrating the benefits that your product has.
Prove that buying from you includes undeniable advantages.
The end game goal is to drive up revenue.
If you wait until you have all the information you need something can and will happen. The market and
your competitor’s will pass you. Keep it moving forward.
At this point you have developed a business model and have a focused market vision. You do not need
a checklist of marketing strategies. Just have one or two marketing strategies that you plan to keep in
action. It’s easy to convince ourselves that our products or services need a little more of this and that
otherwise your target market will not buy because it’s not perfect. Move forward- uncertainty and
indecision do not equal successful business strategies.

Effective Marketing Strategies

First and foremost make sure that everything that your client sees is clean, crisp and professional.
This stress free presentation must include your storefront, merchandise, printed materials and your
Practice being nice to everyone so that it becomes second nature to you and your staff. Remember, not
everyone is going to buy but, you should remain polite, professional and helpful at all times. You must
exist to serve.
Stand for something and differentiate yourself and your services from your competition. Why should
your customer buy from you? You must create value.
If you are not passionate about what you do then your chances of being successful are greatly
diminished. Show that you care.
Find out what your customers want and give it to them. In other words ask- don’t tell.
Variety is the spice of life and that includes sales and marketing. Try different marketing and advertising
tools and stay with the marketing and advertising tools that are successful for your business. Stick with
what works.
Keep an open mind and always be prepared to try something new. Staying stagnant and close minded
will diminish your company’s success.
Try something different just because you can. Be that extraordinary company.
Let the personal touch come through in your business. Customers appreciate the realism, honesty and
Always think about putting yourself in the customers shoes and putting your heart and mind into what
you do.

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