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What’s In a Name?

As it turns out a lot! Remembering a person’s name is particularly important when garnering new business. When you remember a person’s name after a brief meeting it sends a message that the interaction was important to you.  This skill can make others feel valued and can open many doors to new connections.

Some people may have the gift of remembering names, for others it’s more of a learned skill. Every introduction is an opportunity to practice recognizing faces and as you improve others will perceive you as a valuable connector in business.

Repetition helps your brain form connections that is necessary to retain information. Repeat names often throughout the exchange. Make sure to refer to the person’s name upon greeting as well as repeating the name as parting.

Make a visual connection with a person’s name with something memorable in your world. Make mental associations.

Study names in print. When someone is wearing a nametag at a meeting create a face to face association. As soon as you receive a business card make sure to glance at the name and say “Thank You John.”

If a new acquaintance has a name that is difficult to pronounce by all means simply ask him or her to repeat their name. They say it to yourself again for verification. This extra effort will speak to your attention to detail and gain clarity.

If you forgot a name. Address it head on. If you absolutely cannot remember a name, try to offer any information that you can remember, such as where the two of you may have met. You can use the alternative and shake hands and introduce yourself first. Most likely your contact will follow your lead and introduce themselves.

If you think you know someone’s name, but are unsure, venture a guess. ”John, right?’ Or you could just simply apologize and say, “I’m sorry, I’m a little forgetful at the moment. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone at one time or another.


Christine Fiorenza – Debi Surmanek

Partners at Ivy Branding and Marketing Group


Consistent Branding Efforts Strengthen Your Brand Presence

Building a top business brand is easy when you understand basic concepts. Remember, your business is unique and you need to stand out from the crowd. So should your logo, your brand- your message.Small companies should build brands like big businesses. Whether you already have a logo or not you should start building some brand management into your small business marketing plan. Take the time to evaluate all the areas of where your brand exists. Be consistent with all elements of marketing including your website, social media, business cards, brochures and trade show materials. Make sure to utilize the same color scheme, tagline and marketing messages throughout all your marketing campaigns. If you realize that your marketing plan isn’t working for you or your logo is not what you wanted for your marketing plan contact a professional marketing agency. A marketing agency can direct you with professional marketing and graphic design.

Christine Fiorenza and Debi Surmanek
Partners at Ivy Branding and Marketing Group 718-448-4880

Seven Important Steps You Will Need to Showcase Your Brand at a Trade Show

1-Attract guests to your booth with eye catching banners, banner stands, giveaways, literature and contests. Interactive elements such as touch screens to demonstrate a product, gather customer information or conduct a survey makes your booth interesting, fun and engaging. Key sales and marketing messages, eye catching signage and appealing giveaways will generate a higher volume of booth traffic.

2-Determine which trade shows are appropriate for your business sales and marketing goals. Research all details and gauge which trade shows will yield the highest return on investment.

Once you have decided which trade shows to participate in, register as early as possible for best placement or in some cases a discounted rate.

3-Advertise your attendance at the trade shows through your website, newsletters, on your blog, through social media sites, email blasts and lastly email signatures. If you plan on holding a contest or drawing make sure to include that information to attract more people to your booth. Make sure to state your booth location so that guests can find your company easily.

4-A contest or prize drawing is a great way to attract people to your booth. Ask attendees to visit your booth to complete a leads qualification survey or drop their business card into a bowl to be entered into the contest or drawing. Choose a prize that relates to your business or services or a prize that has a broad appeal to current and potential clients.

5-Be sure to bring sufficient amount of supplies to give out at the trade show. You do not want to run out of literature, brochures, business cards and giveaways. That’s a big no no!

6- Encourage your staff to participate and be well versed in your business to be quick and ready to answer any and all questions pertaining to your business. Have your staff mix and mingle amongst all the other vendors and give out their business cards and giveaways.

7- Lastly, your table presentation should be top notch. All of your signage should include your logo, brand and message. Do not use an old rolled up tablecloth. Purchase a vinyl table banner with a matching retractable banner that has been professionally designed by a graphic artist. Keep your theme consistent throughout.


For all your trade needs contact Ivy Branding and Marketing Group. No budget too small or too big. “Watch us make your business grow”.


Christine Fiorenza and Debi Surmanek

Partners at Ivy Branding and Marketing Group


Your Business’ Network Potential

Reputation management is critical to your personal brand. For business your email address needs to be a professional email address and not an amateur address. Clients and business associates may not perceive you and/ or your company as a serious business.

Free email service is not suitable for business. If you are using any of the free email services, it is suggested that you make a switch that is suitable for your business. If you have a website it is very easy to set up an email address with that domain. Doing so will bring a much needed level of credibility to your business.

There are all kinds of powerful tools to create professional email signatures. It is a great idea to list your name, title, contact information and logo in your signature. What would not make a good presentation would be a large font, blue type, giant logo and a sales pitch in your signature. You want to make a good impression and keep it professional.

Now that you have cleaned up your email and your email is coming from a real company domain it’s now time to address your website. Anyone that you are hoping to do business with at some point will click through your website. WordPress has thousands of quality templates available at low or no cost.

People can now Google you and can get a lot more information about you and your company. If what they are looking up doesn’t give them the right impression, you’re not likely to make the connection you want.

Start by searching your name and sifting through the results. If you have any negative presence it may be worth hiring a reputation management firm to clean it up. Its takes a lot of time and is quite costly but, it can be worth it.

Social media presence may be unimpressive. Potential connections are bound to come across your social media pages. Do not post photographs that show you or your company in a negative way.

Remember, any one of these online faux pas might change a persons’ perception of you. To maximize the impression when you network online make sure that are all in check.


Christine Fiorenza and Debi Surmanek

Partners at Ivy Branding and Marketing Group


Make Your Customers Love Your Brand

Did you know that brand loyalty is not a mental act but, rather an emotional one? Brand loyal customers  have an emotional relationship with the brands they are faithful to. A challenge for many brands is how to ignite that emotional relationship and then keep it going. Here are some steps in creating a successful brand- consumer relationship.

Tell everyone exactly what you are looking for. You must align yourself with people and companies that will get you in front of your type, the ideal consumer. These companies are the influencers and have a direct connection to your type. These companies also have the consumers’ attention and trust. As a business trying to connect with a certain type of consumer, you need a comprehensive profile of the consumer. You need to be as detailed as possible. The more detailed your profile is the greater number of potentials your product and/ or service will receive.

Find a way to partner up with established businesses. Enable these established businesses a vested interest in your success. Make this a win- win situation for all parties involved.

Create a two way conversation with your clients. Make sure that they know that you understand exactly what their needs are wants are. Make sure that your brand delivers exactly what the client needs and wants. Show them that your product and/ or service has value.

Finalize the relationship between your company and your client by asking for a commitment in the form of payment.

Re- energize your relationship with your clients by creating targeted campaigns that will attract past clients to engage but, also attract new clients. Re-energize your message on a regular basis and most of all ensure the relevance of your brand.

Applying these steps will help you to obtain lasting, beneficial relationships with your clients. Effective branding is more complex than ever. Clients are more savvy and discerning. It takes real vision, creativity and ingenuity to sustain the emotional connection with your clients that keeps them coming back time after time.


Naming Your Business

Why is the right name choice so important? The right name differentiates a new business from its competitors. The right name helps brand build and to spark an emotional connection with its customers. Naming your business is the first and most significant decision for a startup. Choosing a name that is difficult to spell, pronounce or is too close to a competitor could have major detrimental effects on your brand and SEO.

A good name has layers of meaning and association and will evoke association. You can choose a name that is fun to say as people will repeat it time and time again. Your business name has to be different for a good reason. Most of all consumers will need to be able to spell and pronounce your company. A name that is impossible to spell will make it impossible for customers to find your company.

Some businesses will rule out certain good names because of their dictionary definitions. Just to let you know- no one cares about the official definition. A good company name will demonstrate exactly what your business is all about. Remember, you are not naming a company, you’re naming its positioning.


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